Supply Pastors

Here is a list of current pastors and seminarians who would be glad to help out if they are available.

Stephen Anenson

Iowa District Coordinator, Retired LCMC Pastor - Ankeny

Pat Barnes

Seminary Student - Norwalk

Mike Crabb

Seminary Student - Altoona

David Halverson

Retired Pastor - Garner/Clear Lake

Jeff Hanna

Retired Pastor/Police Chaplain - Altoona

Norm Jelken

LCMC Pastor - Neola

Renée Kowlessar

LCMC Pastor - Des Moines

Tarra Sander

Seminary Student - Altoona

Erin Wiggins

Seminary Student - Pleasant Hill

Ryan Kowlessar

LCMC Pastor - Des Moines

Matt Suhr

Seminary Student - Altoona

Brad Miller

LCMC Pastor - Ankeny

Mark Vander Tuig

LCMC Pastor - Altoona

If you would like to be added to the supply list, please fill out the form below.